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Principal's Message


Our Contemplation of STEM Education
Following the initiatives set out in 2015 and 2016 by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, STEM education has gained significance in the educational realm. According to the report, “STEM Education – Unleashing Potential in Innovation,” published in November 2015 by the Curriculum Development Council, STEM education focuses on strengthening students’ integrated and applied knowledge and skills in disciplines and cross-disciplines, such as science, technology, and mathematics.
To promote STEM education, the Education Bureau (EDB) encourages Professional Development Schools (PDS) to provide assistance to other schools in facilitating the development of STEM education. Many universities have started to produce relevant seminars and workshops for teachers and students alike. Since the EDB is granting every primary school HK$100,000 and secondary school HK$200,000, companies specializing in training teachers and students or organizing competitions have suddenly become extremely prevalent, all with a common goal to tap into this million-dollar opportunity.
In this ever-changing environment, where is STEM education steering us? Learning from seminars and technology exhibitions and the success of other schools and using our strengths and adhering to our belief in continuous development, we do not set our eyes on possessing the most expensive, top-notch equipment but on guiding students to discover everyday problems and find innovative solutions simply by observing their surroundings keenly.
This will also lead our students to develop an intrinsic curiosity, meticulous observation, and perseverance to find solutions to problems. I hope that the students of Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College can dig into the crux of each problem, analyze the facts and factors to develop causal relationships during their investigations, and develop probem-solving ability with perseverance.
I strongly believe that the most sophisticated and precise equipment and facilities are purely the façade of STEM education, while the essence of STEM education is how we use it as a tool to nourish the interests, desires, and dreams of our students.
I hope that our students can make it their aspiration to contribute to the community and, by using new technology and methods, try their best to solve the problems we now face and to build a better future.
Lo Man Piu



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