Environmental Education

Our school is committed to promoting environmental protection. Apart from formulating environmental policies with various stakeholders, we encourage all teachers and students to bring their own water bottles and utensils to reduce the use of disposable plastic, demonstrating a commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. At the same time, we actively promote environmental messages both inside and outside the classroom, such as integrating environmental education elements into different subjects, and organizing various activities to promote a green and low-carbon lifestyle to teachers and students. Our school has received the Silver Award of the "2022 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) – Schools (Secondary)". In the past, we have received the Certificate of Merit of the "Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Awards", the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards of the "Hong Kong Green School Award", the Runner-up and the Excellence Award of the "Happy Green Campaign ", as well as The Sustainable Development Participation Award and the Sustainable Development Community Project Award of the “The Sustainable Development School Award Programme”. These awards affirm our school's efforts in promoting environmental education and encouraging students to lead a green, low-carbon lifestyle.


School Environmental Policy(Chinese Edition ONLY)


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