Classroom Management

Class management is a long-term work of continuous development. This group is committed to:

I. Coordinating with the school's annual focus theme, implementing different activities in a comprehensive/grade-wide/school-wide manner.
II. Strengthening class cohesion, establishing team spirit, and creating a class atmosphere through daily class activities.
III. Establishing bridges for interaction and communication between teachers and students.
IV. Cultivating a sense of responsibility among students, uncovering their potential, and providing a stage for them to show their success.


A. Year-round Class Meetings and Inter-class Competitions

The first semester of class management mainly involves different gathering activities, while the second semester involves competition.
Class Leaderboard:
Using the grade as a unit, each grade conducts various activities throughout the school year in different fields, including art, academics, sports, class cohesion, value education, STEM, business, and other learning experiences.

Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) Committee and the Student Union set up at least one inter-class competition each school year. The competition integrates multiple elements, allowing students of different talents to showcase their strengths and apply what they've learned in class to real life.
Awards: Each grade sets an overall champion of the year.

B. Organizing Class Meetings
Cultivation: Leadership, teamwork, problem-solving ability, innovative spirit
Guidance: Thinking, knowledge, skills, division of labor
Supervision: Class meetings, meeting records, financial reports
Encouragement: Merits, field trips, gifts, public praise or transcript comments