Caring and Inclusion

Our school cares for students' different learning needs, supporting students with different learning needs in various areas such as learning, socializing, and emotional well-being. We hope that students of different abilities can find inspiration and joy in learning and construct a campus culture of care and inclusion.


-  "People-oriented" comprehensive care for our students
-  "Whole school participation" to practice and promote a culture of inclusion


-    Form 1 Orientation Day - to assist student transition and adaptation


-    Big Brother Big Sister Program - to help students adapt to campus life


-    Positive Education Week - aimed at teaching students to face negative emotions and experiences in life with a positive attitude


-    Guidance Prefects - assisting teachers in promoting values of care, inclusion, and positivity within the school


-    Volunteer Service - allowing students to practice values of care through actual actions




-    DSE Cheering Activity for Year Six - to offer support and encouragement to students


-  After-school Group Activities - catering to students' different interests, allowing them to excel



-    Thematic Lectures and Activities - fostering values of care and respect among students  



  • Teacher Training - enabling staff to understand current social trends and formulate more appropriate strategies to support students' different learning needs
  • Assessment Accommodations (Homework and Examination)-provide students with equal opportunities in assessments and allow them to showcase their abilities
  • Home-School Cooperation - regular contact with parents through various means (sunshine phone calls, meetings, etc.)
  • Cross-sector Collaboration - regular communication among teachers, social workers, counselors, educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and art therapists to support students' different learning needs