STEAM Education

The STEAM learning area aims to cultivate students' technological literacy by developing their technological capabilities, understanding of technology, and awareness of technology. Innovation and technology are directions that Hong Kong has been vigorously developing in recent years, and STEAM science and technology and artificial intelligence are also major trends in education. We hope that students can become Makers, not just Users; by encouraging students to "learn by doing", they will have the opportunity to design and propose specific, creative solutions to everyday life problems, and put them into practice. Through this training, students' creative thinking and problem-solving abilities can be enhanced.


Moreover, in line with the principle of "student-centered", flexible and varied teaching strategies can enhance students' learning motivation, help students establish a correct view of technology, and improve their technological literacy. Furthermore, by implementing "whole-school participation" and adding technological and STEAM activities inside and outside the classroom, students can express their creativity and face different challenges. To Summarize, through the implementation of the school-based technology education curriculum, students can grasp the necessary knowledge, concepts and related skills when students understand the influence that technology play an important role in improving daily life and promoting socio-economic development. Thus, staying abreast of technology and progress with the times.


學生STEAM 作品展示