Leadership Training

I. Cultivation and Succession of Leaders and Role Models
- This group is committed to nurturing students' collective decision-making and team cooperation spirit. The leadership training is divided into three stages:

First Stage: Network Establishment, Getting to Know Each Other
The training in this stage primarily establishes a basic sense of belonging and connection among students through some team tasks within the school. It allows students to get to know each other, especially those with common interests, and to establish a certain interpersonal network for future school duties.

Second Stage: Enhancing Leadership Skills
In this stage, we aim to strengthen students' collaboration and communication skills, preparing them to take on positions in important groups within the school in the future.。

Third Stage: Building Confidence, Leader Practice
In this stage of leadership training, we expect students to break out of their comfort zones and lead team members to complete various tasks in new areas.

- Each academic year, senior high school students participate in leadership training in the first semester to increase mutual understanding and cooperation among peer leaders, and to enhance problem-solving ability and team spirit. In the second semester, students from Secondary 2 to 5 participate in the second round of leadership training to discover and strengthen future leadership roles, increase cross-grade student recognition and cooperation, and cultivate a spirit of sharing and passing on knowledge through a senior-junior mentoring approach.


-In addition to leadership training, various subject group student societies allow student leaders to plan various activities to serve their peers and the school through intra- and inter-group activities. They train the next generation of leaders in the form of inheritance to reflect the spirit of student autonomy, self-discipline and passing down from generation to generation.


  Leadership role Training
Student Union President / Vice President Student Union members
Four Houses President / Vice President Committee members
Administrative Organizations Chairman / Vice Chairman / Ambassador Committee members
School Teams Captain / Vice Captain Team Members
Subject Groups/ Extra-curricular activities Chairman / Vice Chairman Committee members


  Intra-group Activities/Training External Service/Activities
Purpose Preparing for event planning by team leaders Serving students and the school, cultivating a spirit of service, promoting school culture
Target Group officers Group members or all school students
Suggested Activities Meetings, Visits Promotion and advertising, hosting events, participating in competitions, on-duty service



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